Property Insurance

Our business was founded on a strong real estate background and this property protection niche is fundamental to the establishment of most Insurance programmes. We have access to all leading Underwriters in Australia and also overseas markets. Insurers are becoming extremely selective in their acceptance of risks and the need for advice in connection with risk management and protection is of immense importance. When broking a client’s business we are cognizant of the need to present to the Underwriter in a way which reflects the client’s business in the most attractive manner. Quality presentations get results!

Workers Compensation

Premiums for this compulsory part of the insurance programme have become a major burden for many employers, especially in the construction, manufacturing and hospitality industries. The selection of the most appropriate fund manager (most importantly claims management), the implementation of an effective safety programme and maintaining compliance with Workcover regulations have made it necessary for many companies to appoint a full or part time risk manager. WTS, together with your fund manager and our consultants can assist you with managing claims and reduce this major overhead.

Professional and Financial Risks

Professional Indemnity, Information Technology Liability, Defamation, Employment Practices Liability, Association Liability, Trustee Liability, Prospectus Liability and Directors & Officers Liability and Management Liability are all extremely specialist areas of insurance. The key staff at WTS involved in Broking this business have many years experience and are recognised in the market as highly professional.

The complexity of arranging the best possible protection can be a real minefield and it requires close attention to detail eliminating any unwanted exclusions or endorsements.

Public and Product Liability

For most clients this class of insurance is not called into action very often. However, the importance of selecting an appropriate level of cover with a quality Insurer is vital as the quantum of a claim, when legal costs are taken into account, can be extremely high.

In addition the need to adopt a professional attitude to risk management has never been more important and any expenditure in this area will provide a business with a much better chance of purchasing cover and ensuring the most reasonable premium cost. Risk management techniques can be discussed with one of our broking staff and where required, we can call upon specialist consultants.

Cyber Protection

With the increased use and reliance on computer systems to operate a business, Cyber protection is fast becoming a critical component of an insurance program.

From covering first party losses such as Cyber extortion and business interruption losses, through to third party exposures such as regulatory breach liability and defence costs, a well structured Cyber policy will go a long way to providing peace of mind.

As quickly as the new threats are emerging, so are the products being offered by insurers evolving. Watkins Taylor Stone can guide you through the maze and tailor a solution for your business. MORE


WTS are the appointed broker to The Australian Ballooning Federation. Scott Seymour is recognized as one of the industry’s leading specialists in this class of insurance and has formed strong links with London Underwriters to secure the best possible terms.

Landlord Residential Protection

As we have a long standing connection with the real estate sector, it is natural that we should acquire some expertise in assisting residential property owners with their insurance needs. With access to a range of products, and over 2,000 landlord policy holders, contact our office for the latest advice and market insights.

Premium Instalments

With the escalation of premium costs, the need to spread payments out over a longer period has become a necessity in assisting with cash flow. With the use of market financiers, we can ensure our clients access an instalment plan at the most reasonable cost to their business. We are also now able to offer instalments on a range of Personal Lines insurance products.

Personal / Domestic Insurance

At Watkins Taylor Stone when it comes to Home, Personal Motor Vehicle or Pleasurecraft insurance policies, we elect to only recommend the best available. Sometimes this will mean a higher premium but with valuable assets at stake, we prefer to see our clients completely satisfied should a loss occur.